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Rockridge  Oak


~ Cleft gates, fencing, panels and other items are made predominantly from Sweet

Chestnut but can also be made using Oak ~ the timber is split using cleaving tools

and wedges (cleaving = cleft) ~ and leaves a riven surface as the wood separates.

~ A riven surface, indeed any textured surface, looks more natural than smooth

surfaces when it ages to a silver patina - as it catches the light more randomly

which shows up the natural contours of the tree's growth more clearly.

~ All of Rockridge's cleft items are hand-split and hand-cut (not machine-split)

~ Using English or Welsh timber, sourced within 50 miles of the yard.

~ Sweet Chestnut is often 'coppiced' ~ meaning that it is cut every 20 to 30 years

back to the stump and re-grows to produce another crop ~ therefore making it a very

sustainable timber.

~ If you have your own timber already it may be possible to use it to

make what you require.

~ Cleft is as traditional as it gets, having been used for thousands of years to

get the most from each tree by converting it into manageable size pieces.

~ More pictures are in the gallery.