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Rockridge  Oak


Oak Frame Structures

Manufacture and installation of new structures using Fresh Sawn, Air Dried or Reclaimed Oak ~ constructed in the traditional manner of Mortice & Tenon Joints held together with handmade Draw-Pegs ~ for:

Porches, Roofs & Trusses, Sun-Rooms, Extensions, Garages Cart & Sheds, Outbuildings, Decks and Landscape Features ~ and Direct Glazing on buildings, where required.

Also, renovation and repair work to existing Timber Frame Buildings and Ecclesiastical Structures including:

Oak & Pitch Pine Roofs, Trusses and Frames, General Carpentry Repairs, Lime Plasterwork & Brick Infills, Roofing Slate/Tile/ Wood Shingle Fitting & Repairs; and Oil Finishes, as applicable.

Please see Photo Gallery for pictures.